Additional Services

Any of the following items can be added to the Request Form above.

  • Group Trainings

    Anything from a Lunch & Learn Series to half and full-day training packages. You pick the timeframe and goal and we do the rest.

  • Discussion Panels

    We bring a panel to share ideas and lived experience. We always leave room for audience Q&A. If you already have a panel organized we would love to be a part of it as well.

  • Conferences

    Invite us to present a workshop or session at your conference or event.

  • Coaching Sessions

    One-on-one coaching sessions that can be completed at your location or virtually. A great way to get help with your unique office needs.

  • Consultations

    Not sure where to begin? We offer Discovery Meetings, Climate Surveys, and Equality Audits with reports to help you find areas for improvement and create clear action steps.

  • Custom Live Webinars

    A great option for remote teams to come together in a live learning session. Use existing course topics or customize your learning content.

  • Guest Appearances

    We love a good podcast session and are happy to take part in featured interviews and conversations. If you have a blog, we can write featured articles too.


  • Can you design a custom training course for our LMS?

    Yes! We will work with you and your team to design a course with a custom curriculum that meets your unique industry or workplace needs.

  • Can you help us evaluate our existing policies and procedures for LGBTQ equality?

    Absolutely! This work is critical for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion and can be completed at your location or virtually for added convenience.

  • Can you review our onboarding process and recruiting efforts and make recommendations for LGBTQ+ inclusion?

    For sure! These initial contact points with new employees are key.

  • Can you work with our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group to structure and improve outcomes?

    Yes, we love meeting your ERGs! Together we can work ensure there is the right mix of structure and reporting along with autonomy and fun.

Don't Forget!

We offer group discounts on all of our courses! Get your entire team trained on the days and times that best fit their schedules.

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