Highlights of being a course facilitator

The course is titled Creating More Respectful Workplaces: LGBTQ+ Employees

  • Work Remotely

    Facilitators can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Low Time Commitment

    Time commitment averages 3-6 hours per week making it a great side gig.

  • Add Resume Skills

    Gain skills and experience that will look great on your resume (especially if you are focusing on DEI and/or HR).

  • Flexible Hours

    Aside from leading 3 live virtual meetings (every other Thursday), you can perform the work during any hours.

  • 6 Week Contracts

    Each contract lasts 6 weeks and you can choose to accept or decline depending on what your upcoming schedule looks like.

  • We Hire Diverse Candidates

    We are an LGBTQ+ owned business and value candidates who bring diverse perspectives and lived experience to the conversations. LGBTQ+ and BIPOC welcome!

Further course details

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