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Modern workplaces see the value in diversity, but what happens when this diversity includes transgender employees? How do we ensure they feel welcome and included in our workplaces? Not sure where to begin when it comes to meeting the unique needs of these employees? Start with this course with the following objectives:

  • 1) Understand what it means when an employee is transgender

  • 2) Learn what it means to transition and the workplace considerations

  • 3) Discover key employer responsibilities

  • 4) Determine each department's role during an employee's transition

  • 5) Gain tools and techniques for handling conflict

  • 6) Learn ways to create transgender inclusion in the workplace

  • Upon completion, you will have a much clearer understanding of transgender employees and how you can better assist them. You will be aware of unique considerations with these workers and will have learned ways to make your workplace more inclusive.

Free Download Materials Included

(Plus quizzes and discussion questions)

  • 10 Page LGBTQ+ Terminology Booklet!

    Includes 100+ terms as well as a section for controversial, offensive, and outdated terms. One of the most comprehensive lists you will find.

  • Transgender Key Concepts

    Key concepts including definitions and demographics. Visuals explain the difference between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and how these elements interact.

  • Transition Stages Guide

    Describes the three stages of transition and how each is unique to the individual. Some may move through all stages while some only enter one.

  • Tools & Techniques for Dealing with Conflict

    Unfortunately, transgender employees are not always met with a welcome from other employees. Here we share ideas and techniques for dealing with these conflicts.

  • The Big Allyship Secret

    At the end of the course, you will receive a technique that only takes minutes to set up but can let hundreds of clients a day know that you are a transgender ally.

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  • Katie Perkins


    Katie Perkins

    Hello! My name is Katie Perkins (she/her) and I'm an LGBTQ+ advocate. After spending a decade working in the healthcare industry, I made a career transition into business to help further diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the workplace. I created the LGBTQ+ Workplace Education Center with the goal to provide high-quality training courses that are easily accessible and affordable for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Now, I help Human Resources teams gain a deeper understanding of their LGBTQ+ employees. I'm passionate about teaching others the elements of LGBTQ+ cultural competency and how to create affirming spaces for those in the LGBTQ+ community. I strive to make my content approachable, practical, and comfortable for all learners. My experience includes working with nonprofits, startups, consulting for corporate clients, and even launching an LGBTQ+ Resource Center. I train hundreds of professionals annually - K-12, colleges & universities, Fortune 500 companies, recruiting firms, consulting agencies, and everywhere in between. This work has led to being featured in newspaper articles, newscasts, podcasts, diversity & inclusion panels, conference workshops, and many collaboration events. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others!

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