Cultural competency delivered via webinar

Our LGBTQ+ webinars are customizable to your budget

  • Existing Course

    Choose one of our existing LGBTQ+ courses to be delivered as a webinar. Then choose if you want a pre-recorded copy or if you want it taught in live-time virtually with options for Q&A.

  • Custom Webinar

    Help us design the webinar that meets your organizational goals. We can design LGBTQ+ training content that is industry-specific.

  • Combination of Self-paced Courses & Webinars

    Choose an existing or custom course for employees to complete at their own pace. Then book a live webinar as a recap and Q&A session with a subject matter expert.

Don't Forget About Bulk Discounts!

All of our self-paced e-courses are scaleable and available at enterprise quotes.

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